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A. Heather & Co. HR Consulting and Marketing

Drawing on my diverse skill set, I've had the pleasure of working on a range of projects, both for clients and personal endeavors. From crafting professional websites that captivate audiences to leveraging my analytical prowess in business and consulting, I've consistently delivered valuable resources for businesses of all sizes.


My blend of creativity and strategic thinking ensures that I provide holistic solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each project.


Marketing Services

Newsletters, social media content, and labels for local member-owned swim club.

A. Heather &  Co. Marketing Materials

Website Re-Design

Revamped website for insurance broker, aligning with their brand identity and modernizing their online presence.

A. Heather Co. Client Websites

HR Onboarding

Designed onboarding procedures and tasks aimed at fostering employee engagement from day one and ensuring long-term commitment to the company.

A. Heather & Co. Onboarding Materials

Website Design

Tailored website showcasing the designer's portfolio and creative process.

A. Heather & Co. Client Website Project


Crafted hundreds of PowerPoint presentations, developed interactive handouts, and delivered engaging content presentations.

A. Heather & Co. Power Point Presentations

Redesigned Employee Handbook

Transformed employee handbook into a contemporary resource, incorporating current cultural language and presenting it in a captivating magazine-style format for enhanced engagement.

A. Heather & Co. Employee Handbook Sample
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